Wolfwood’s death will never not break my heart.

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I really shouldn’t be allowed to make any decisions for myself when I’m this pissy and depressed…

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Lenalee doesn’t let dying keep her from saving the day. She ain’t got time for that shit.

Basically Lenalee is a BAMF

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The strap for Lavi’s eyepatch is all wrong in this one shot and it’s bugging me x.x

Krory has frills. Of course he does.

The voice actor for Lenalee changed… But now she sounds like a young woman and not a girl, so I can’t really complain.

"He told me that he fell in love with Allen when he saw the way he ate."
“He did not. Did he?”

Can we talk about how fabulous Lenalee is?

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Krory. What a dork.

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