WTNV/NMBC crossover tho

Cecil would be Sally all cute trying to imitate Jack!Carlos’ experiments.

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♪ Total slaughter, total slaughter~ 

Today is going to be rough. It’s a good thing I work with dogs because I’m going to need some serious animal therapy

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I mean, does anyone NOT ship Vash/Wolfwood?

Resuming my Trigun rewatch for now

midgetnazgul replied to your post: Is FMA: Brotherhood good?

Brotherhood is the superior version. It’s pretty much the manga animated. The original anime series is nothing like the original story.

Never read the manga, so I have nothing to compare to. I really liked the original show, though. I thought Brotherhood was a sequel, but since it’s not I’ll probably wait a bit to watch it. Watching the two back-to-back would be weird xD

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Is FMA: Brotherhood good?

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And suddenly he’s in WWII era London…

Is Ed/Russell a ship?

Is that weird?